Eye on the Labour Market: Monthly Recap

The Eye on the Labour Market SDG and PR Newsletter is a monthly resource of local labour market information that includes in-demand occupations and skills sought by employers in SDG and PR. Data is sourced from the EOTB website, yournextjob.ca. Find the monthly recap data here: YourNextJob.ca

Employer Services

We work hard to deliver valuable services to our partner employers, such as wage subsidy incentives, candidate matching, job posting marketing and more. We also maintain a list of relevant events for employers. You can find it here: Employer Events Calendar. Contact our job developers today to see how we can assist you! Mathieu Rochon: […]

LMI HelpDesk

The LMI Help Desk is an on-demand Labour Market Information (LMI) service to answer employer, employee and job-seeker questions pertaining to local labour market concerns. Question Examples: What skills are in demand in my area? What is the demographic of workers in my area? What is the median wage for my occupation?   Email your […]

Local Labour Market Plan (LLMP)

Using statistical data as well as feedback obtained from employers, educators, employment service providers and a variety of other local stakeholders, the Local Labour Market Plan examines labour market demand and supply in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and Prescott-Russell United Counties. Download the 2024 update for our current Cornwall, SDG & […]

Service Coordination

Our goal is to: Enhance partnerships among service providers Identify gaps in service delivery and opportunities to organize and partner on events and activities Educate partners and the general public about labour market trends and opportunities Assist with employee recruitment and retention to reduce employee turnover   Meetings are held quarterly. The Service Coordination group […]


The EmployerOne Survey is a survey of local businesses to better understand labour market demand in our region. The Survey is administered by workforce development boards across Ontario. For more information on the workforce development network, please visit www.workforceplanningontario.com.   Here are the 2024 Employer One Survey results: SDG/PR: 2024 Employer One Results (English) SDG/PR: […]