Controlled Environment Cultivation

DELIVERY DATE: Sept.12 – Nov.14 2022
COST OF TRAINING: Free for eligible candidates


Technical Skills:

St. Lawrence College is presenting the Controlled Environment Cultivation program to help prepare you for employment in the field of controlled environment agriculture as it pertains to greenhouses and indoor farms growing food, pharmaceutical, and alternative crops. This eight-week program will provide you with the skills employers are looking for! You will graduate with well-rounded knowledge and training in controlled environment agriculture cultivation, communications, employability skills and health & safety. Cultivation workers are involved in seeding, planting, harvesting, and maintaining of greenhouse and indoor grown food, fuel, fiber, and pharmaceutical crops. They offer skills in maintenance of growing equipment in both soil and hydroponic systems as well as a knowledge of water quality, fertilizers, and crop nutrition, as well as integrated pest management. Cultivation workers often work in indoor farms, vertical farms, and greenhouses that produce either food, cannabis, or ornamental crops.



Health & Safety, WHMIS, Standard First Aid & CPR, Mental Health First Aid, 


Pre-employment and soft skills:

Each student will prepare a resume, targeted cover letter, prepare for an interview, practice interview skills and job maintenance. To identify skills, attitudes & behaviors needed to enter, stay in, & progress in today’s dynamic world of work and to apply those to the individual’s own situation.

Professionalism-Work Ethics Reviews and Reinforces:

  • Attendance, Character, Teamwork
  • Appearance, Attitude, Productivity
  • Cooperation, Problem Solving, Respect
  • Organization and Communication


Resume and cover letter for target job within the office environment, research job opportunities, prepare and practice interview skills


EOTB will assist participants in securing employment in the environmental services sector. Ongoing coaching is provided to assist with transition to employment. Employers will receive a wage subsidy for 12 weeks.


EOTB will purchase training on behalf of eligible candidates. Financial assistance may be available for items such as transportation, daycare, work attire.


Unemployed or under-employed

Not in full-time education or training

Resident of Ontario, legally entitled to work in


Have a self-identified disability

Not be in receipt of EI


Be 15-30 years of age with a barrier to employment


Candidates should call Job Zone d’emploi 613-933-9675, Glengarry Inter-Agency Group 613-525-1533, or Akwesasne Career & Employment Support Services 613-575-2626