Newcomer Services

We are the Eastern Ontario Training Board.

We address the needs of newcomers to our community.

Check out our available newcomer services below. Call us at 613-935-5552 with any questions you might have.

Newcomer Employment & Welcome Services (NEWS)

The Newcomer Employment & Welcome Services (NEWS) goal is to attract, integrate, employ, settle and retain immigrants in Cornwall and the area. NEWS works in collaboration with various community partners to ensure the success of its objective.

Eastern Ontario Local Immigration Partnership (EOLIP)

The Eastern Ontario Local Immigration Partnership is funded by the Ministry of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada It is a community-wide multi-sectoral partnership that works to strengthen our communities capacity to welcome and improve integration outcomes through enhanced economic, social, political and civic participation.


1. Enhance engagement of a diversity of members in settlement & integration of newcomers

2. Broad-based partnerships developed for planning and settling community priorities

3. Community & newcomer needs assessed in a coordinated manner & enhanced awareness of needs among a wider array of local actors

4. Increased capacity to support the integration of newcomers and foster welcoming communities, including welcoming and receptive labour markets at the community level.

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